V International Congress, dedicated to A.F. Samoilov
«Fundamental and Clinical Electrophysiology.
Current Issues of Arrhythmology»
7-8 April 2022, Kazan
to the 155th anniversary of A.F. Samoilov’s birth

Scientific Partnership

We invite you to participate in the Congress as a Scientific partner and take a full advantage of the opportunities that it presents in the field of scientific cooperation.

For scientific cooperation:
E-mail:  samoilov-kzn@confreg.org

The scientific program was prepared with official support of:

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is a state academy of sciences, an organization of science that carries out scientific management of scientific research in the Russian Federation and conducts scientific research, a legal entity - a non-profit organization created in the form of a federal state budgetary institution. The main objective of the activities of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the organization and conduct of fundamental and applied research on the problems of the natural, technical, humanitarian and social sciences, aimed at gaining new knowledge about the laws of development of nature, society, man and contributing to the technological, economic, social and cultural development of Russia

Russian Society of Cardiology

Among the goals of the Russian Society of Cardiology are professional and scientific communication with specialists and societies of other medical areas, development of international cooperation, assistance in distribution of Russian cardiology achievements in the world, as well as health education and cardiovascular prevention in the widest possible population.

Russian Scientific Society of Clinical Electrophysiology, Arrhythmology and Сardiostimulation

All-Russian public organization "Russian Scientific Society of Clinical Electrophysiology, Arrhythmology and Сardiostimulation" was founded in 2002 on the initiative of Academician A.Sh. Revishvili.
The main goals of the Organization are:
Association of creative efforts of its members in the field of forecasting, development and implementation of scientific and practical achievements in the field of clinical electrophysiology, arrhythmology and cardiostimulation.
Development and strengthening of specialists’ connections in the field of clinical electrophysiology, arrhythmology and cardiostimulation, both in the Russian Federation and abroad.


ROHMINE is more than 1500 professionals all over Russia, annual all-Russian and regional events, professional literature and much more. The main priorities of the activities of the ROHMINE are:

  • Promoting knowledge of the method’s correct usage;
  • Work on the dissemination of advanced foreign and domestic experience in the regions;
  • Acquaintance with technologies, device novelties in this field;
  • Organization of educational courses for cardiologists, physicians of functional diagnostics and nurses.

The Russian Society of Somnologists

The Russian Society of Somnologists is created in order to represent the interests of specialists working in the field of practical sleep medicine in various regions of Russia. The main goal is to organize affordable and highly qualified somnological assistance to the population throughout the Russian Federation..

Russian Association of Functional Diagnostics Specialists

The all-Russian public organization “Russian Association of Functional Diagnostics Specialists” (RASFD) was organized in 1996 on the initiative of a group of specialists in functional diagnostics of Russian medical institutions.
The purpose of the Association is to promote the realization of the creative potential of the members of the Association in the interests of solving urgent theoretical, practical and scientific problems in the field of functional diagnostics.

Russian Scientific Medical Society of Therapist

The All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Scientific Medical Society of Therapists” is a membership-based public association created on the initiative of medical professionals and unites republican, regional and city therapist societies of the Russian Federation.
The main goal of the RSMST is to unite the medical community of the Russian Federation to promote the most complete and comprehensive development of domestic health care, medical science and education, the professional growth of medical workers conducting research, teaching and practical work in the field of therapy and related disciplines.

RASKLIN - Russian Association of Clinical Neurophysiologists

RASKLIN - Russian Association of Clinical Neurophysiologists - these are the doctors with experience in the field of applied clinical neurophysiology.
The Association conducts training courses and seminars on neurophysiology with the aim of preparing qualified personnel, organizes conferences to improve the qualifications of neurophysiologists and enhances the awareness of specialists about current problems and trends in the specialty, and holds master classes on methods of clinical neurophysiology both in Moscow and in regions of the Russian Federation, etc.

Eurasian Arrhythmological Association

Eurasian Arrhythmological Association
The Association's task is educational activities for young scientists. The Eurasian Arrhythmological Association intends to work closely with international communities, National Societies and associations of arrhythmologists, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, therapists and other related specialties.

Russian physiological society named after I.P. Pavlov
The goal of the society is to expand the professional scientific base, improve practical knowledge in the field of application of new medical technologies.
The society is engaged in scientific, practical and educational projects in the field of molecular and cellular physiology, neuroinformatics and bioethics.