III International Congress, dedicated to A.F. Samoilov
«Fundamental and Clinical Electrophysiology.
Current Issues of Arrhythmology»
5-6 April 2019, Kazan


Dear Colleagues!

We are glad to invite you to participate in the III International Congress, dedicated to A.F. Samoilov “Fundamental and Clinical Electrophysiology. Current Issues of Arrhythmology” to be held on 5-6 April 2019 at the venue of the Kazan Riviera Hotel (Kazan, Fatykh Amirkhan Avenue, 1).

This event is timed to the birthday of Alexander Filippovich Samoilov, the great Russian physiologist, whose name is inscribed in golden letters in the world history of heart electrophysiology.

Thanks to his activities, Kazan became the center for the development of clinical electrocardiography in Russia and in the world. Academician V.V. Parin, one of Samoilov’s students wrote: “Physiologists were coming here from all Russia, like pilgrims to Mecca...”

Kazan GIDUV became the source staff for the development of the electrocardiographic service of the Soviet Union. In his ECG lectures to doctors of Kazan GIDUV, Samoilov spoke about the need of a new type of doctor with his extensive knowledge of physiology and physics, about new forms of medical thinking associated with the introduction of clinic electrocardiographic method. As a result of the widespread introduction of electrocardiography to the clinic new sections of medicine were developed: cardiology and functional diagnostics.

The Congress annually gathers in Kazan followers of the scientific theory and practical direction laid by A.F. Samoilov. The event discusses issues that are relevant in many areas of clinical medicine, and basic research on cardiac electrophysiology.

The Congress covers the areas of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system: cardiac rhythm disturbances, hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure, etc. The latest approaches are being discussed; the data of scientific research in both diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases are being presented.

This year the Сongress program will be expanded with presentations on clinical neurophysiology. The issues of diagnostics and treatment of pharmacoresistive epilepsy, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and electroneuromyography will be covered.

In terms of organization, scientific and practical value the Congress has a great success and high appreciation. This year it will be held for the third time and will bring together specialists working in the field of electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, functional diagnostics, ultrasound methods of research, somnology, diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

We invite you to take part in the Congress and look forward to seeing you in Kazan on 5-6 April 2019.